The American Collection

What does it mean to be an American? Founded in 1776, the United States of America were perceived as a new life, full of opportunity. We feel that America is whatever you make it and our flag is symbolic of those freedoms. 

The American - Black Long Sleeve Tee
from 39.00

Available with White or Red Ink

The American - Flo Blue Long Sleeve Tee
from 39.00

Available with White or Pink Ink

Baseball Tees

The Wild Collection

Show off your love for the outdoors and everything wild with one of three hand drawn designs - the Bear, the Eagle and Go Outside. These tees also feature a Southern Standard flag on the front pocket.

The Anchor Collection

The anchor, often a sailor's last resort in stormy weather, is still symbolic of hope to this day. In addition, it represents the solidity, tranquility, and faithfulness inside us all, amidst the 'storms' of life.

The Roots Collection

We believe that you should be proud of where you're from... The Roots Collection gives you the opportunity to represent that pride.

*This Collection is being discontinued.